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The global community of creative people eager to learn and to share their ideas, knowledge, skills, and talents to support greener low-carbon living, by reusing unwanted materials and not fit-for-purpose goods to create new, unique products.

Together we can do so much good – upcycling is a better way for waste materials. We joined our forces to create a platform that connects people, businesses and education institutions. All with one goal – to make our planet more beautiful, use less and give more

We invite you to give your gift to our planet – to reuse and upcycle materials and create art by the lessons and ideas you can gather from our platform.

We are online since Jan 2023 and we have already saved: 

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Aleksandr & Alina, Nester Custom


We create view, emotions, and thoughts.

Aiva, Zīle


I don’t want to implement style, I want to create it.

Four organizations from Italy, Lithuania, and Latvia are implementing a long-term strategic partnership to create a unique and innovative learning and networking platform to promote education in upcycling and reusing old items that aren’t fit for purpose anymore and aim to support small sustainable businesses.

This platform introduces a new online learning course on upcycling. It serves as a network for individuals and small sustainable businesses and creates a community promoting upcycling and circular economy.

By becoming a member of our community, you help us to educate and inspire others by your own example and work. There are thousands, if not millions, of ways to transform trash into valuable, unique, high-quality professional products and fantastic gifts. This is the right space to share those ideas.

Tomas, Senoves Dirbtuves


Giving old furniture a second chance.

Jolanta, Trap of the Moment


In my workshop, waste paper into recycled paper, furniture and other items are creatively renewed or used, and the materials of broken umbrellas are turned into practical things that protect from the rain.

Ieva Jatniece, Founder and manager of the society "Ūdenszīmes"


Going into deep. Truthfulness. Courage.

Evelina, Ur_fvrt


I care about what is happening in the environment and sometimes I despair when I see how massively and irresponsibly we consume. The fast fashion industry is highly destructive, so I give the old thing a chance for a new life by decorating second-hand clothes and accessories.

Ieva Jatniece, Founder and manager of the society "Ūdenszīmes"


Going into deep. Truthfulness. Courage.

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Our Manifesto

Gifted is a community of teachers, artists, makers,  students and other creative professionals or educators from all over the world. The community that consciously acts into the present in order to build the right to the future. 

By educating each other about the importance of our own actions as buying less, creating more, slowing down and rethinking does everything that goes to the bin needs to go to the bin. 

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Sincerely yours,

The Gifted Team

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