About Rasa

Meet Rasa Visockiene, co-founder of the Gift(Ed) platform.

Rasa is really passionate about the upcycling topic. She says it’s the creative way to make our future better and brighter: “How we live today has a significant impact on future generations. Being aware of and taking actions on how to minimize climate change empowers and motivates us to make positive changes in our own lives, in our families, local communities, wider society, and globally.

We buy too much; we don’t value cheap, fast-made items that have no personal story to tell and lack the love and energy that hand-made items usually or always contain. This is what makes them unique and special.

We don’t usually throw them away. I adore cardigans knitted by my mother, which I have worn for many years. I have pillowcases with knits made by my grandmother that remind me of her daily. I’m sure everyone has things like this at home.

Things with their own stories, things made with love.
It took me some time to realize why sustainable fashion and sustainable living are so important to me. I had a unique opportunity to grow up in an environment where people valued things, where everything was repaired, or reused, as naturally happens in economically deprived but culturally rich communities.

However, in today’s fast-paced world, we have less and less time to stop and make things: bake a cake for a friend, make a card for a child’s birthday, knit a tablecloth, or simply sew a button on the shirts. What was once natural must now be learned.

An important role in becoming aware and active is played by education and learning. Unwanted material in one sector can be upcycled as a form of art, which will create value and reduce waste. So I do believe Gift(Ed) mission is really important today and will be even more important in the future.

We’ve got some experienced partners who are willing to share their knowledge, so anyone can study and start upcycling. It may become a hobby for some and a business for others. I believe that UPCYCLER can be a new popular and very attractive profession for those who want to make a change and save our planet.

Start today – you never know how creative you can become with simple tools and just the right examples.”


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