3rd Transnational Project Meeting

The founders of the international upcycling platform, “Gift(ed),” recently attended a highly productive meeting in Lecce, Italy. This gathering brought together four organizations, namely VšĮ “Darnaus vystymo projektai,” VšĮ “Kolpingo kolegija” (both from Lithuania), Daugavpils School of Design and Art “Saules Skola” from Latvia, and CPK Lecce from Italy. The meeting revolved around various project-related discussions, including the selection of pilot group users, finalizing training modules, financial challenges, and improving partner contributions to project dissemination. Additionally, the attendees had the opportunity to visit sustainable businesses like Precious Plastic Salento and Mandorlo Laboratories. Let’s delve into the achievements of these organizations and their remarkable initiatives.

VšĮ “Darnaus vystymo projektai”:

As the project coordinator, VšĮ “Darnaus vystymo projektai” played a crucial role in ensuring the project’s smooth operation. They focused on coordinating the platform’s functional work, as well as gathering and publicizing the pilot group in Lithuania. Their dedication and expertise contributed significantly to the success of the “Gift(ed)” project.

VšĮ “Kolpingo kolegija”:

VšĮ “Kolpingo kolegija” prepared comprehensive learning modules on circular economy and project development, emphasizing entrepreneurship. By providing valuable educational resources, they enabled participants to gain a deeper understanding of these crucial aspects. Their contribution greatly enhanced the project’s overall effectiveness and the material provides knowledge and better understanding on these topics for all platform users.

Daugavpils School of Design and Art “Saules Skola”:

This Latvian organization participated actively in the transnational meeting. Their involvement in the project focused on areas such as selecting tester groups and preparing training modules on sustainable design and materials and technologies. The material made by “Saules skola” is with lots of practical tasks, videos, so even novice upcycler can gain skills. Also material is visually appealing. Through their dedication and expertise, they ensured that these critical aspects of the project were handled effectively and contributed to its success.

CPK Lecce (Italy):

CPK Lecce, a socially responsible non-profit organization, impressed attendees with their commitment to repairing and recycling unused bicycles. Their unique approach to transportation, utilizing cargo bikes to move around the city, not only minimizes air pollution but also reduces CO2 emissions. They play a crucial role in maintaining and managing Lecce’s bike-sharing system in collaboration with the municipality and Bicincittà enterprise. Their workshop is a hub of creativity, housing talented individuals who transform old and broken bicycles into functional works of art on wheels.

Additionally, CPK Lecce takes pride in their multifunctional center, Manifatture Knos, which offers a wide range of classes and activities to local residents. This inclusive approach fosters a sense of community and provides opportunities for individuals to explore new interests. Within the “Gift(ed)” project, CPK Lecce took responsibility for coordinating the platform’s functional work with the IT team, as well as gathering and publicizing the pilot group in Italy.

Visiting Sustainable Businesses:

During the transnational meeting, the attendees had the privilege of visiting two remarkable sustainable businesses in Lecce. One of them was Precious Plastic Salento, an organization dedicated to raising awareness of climate change and promoting a lifestyle free of plastic waste. They have developed innovative open-source technology and machines capable of processing various types of plastic waste. Through their initiatives, they inspire communities to make a significant difference in the fight against plastic pollution.

The founders also visited Il Mandorlo, its aim is to increase people’s awareness and respect for the environment, to spread the ideas of reuse, circular economy and upcycling in the community. The cooperative is also engaged in educational activities: the programs work on the principle of apprenticeship, the beaten craftsmen teach young people to reuse old materials. Social inclusion of socially sensitive groups is an important part of this cooperative too: empowering people, being able to feel needed, creating added value is a part of every individual. It is a non-profit organization that provides spaces, opportunities and training for everyone to realize themselves.

The 3rd transnational project meeting of the “Gift(ed)” platform proved to be a fruitful and enlightening experience for all involved organizations. The coordination efforts of CPK Lecce amd VšĮ “Darnaus vystymo projektai” and the educational contributions from VšĮ “Kolpingo kolegija” and Daugavpils School of Design and Art “Saules Skola” played a pivotal role in advancing the project’s objectives. Furthermore, the innovative and sustainable practices observed at Precious Plastic Salento and Il Mandorlo inspired the attendees, highlighting the transformative potential of upcycling and circular economy initiatives. Together, these organizations are making a tangible impact on their communities and driving positive change in the realm of sustainability.

The “Gift(ed)” project is financed by the Erasmus+ program of the European Union, under project number 2021-1-LT01-KA220-VET-000029739.


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