Akimirku gaudykle – Jolanta Daubaraite

Jolanta Daubaraitė is the founder of Akimirkų Gaudyklė, a business focused on upcycling and repurposing paper waste to create unique, practical, and sustainable products. In an interview, Jolanta shared her journey into the world of upcycling, the materials she works with, and her experiences dealing with the challenges of the craft.

Jolanta has been consciously involved in upcycling for about five years and has been incorporating upcycling into her business for the past two years. She was motivated to start her upcycling venture by her collection of unused notebooks and notepads, which she repurposed into new paper creations. With the abundance of free time during quarantine, Jolanta experimented with new techniques and learned how to make the most out of paper waste.

Akimirkų Gaudyklė sources paper waste from a variety of places, including leftovers from Jolanta’s creative projects and packaging, as well as donations from family, friends, and followers of her social media accounts.

As with any craft, Jolanta has faced challenges in her upcycling journey. She strives to improve her final products and make the repurposing process smoother, so she continuously experiments and searches for new ways to enhance her creations.

One of Jolanta’s most notable upcycling projects involved working with the Crafty Panda team to create seed paper and a handmade notebook. She was also proud to collaborate with a fashion designer and print labels on repurposed paper for their sustainable fashion collection.

In Jolanta’s view, upcycling offers a unique opportunity to repurpose items that would otherwise be discarded, reducing waste and promoting sustainability. She believes that upcycling will continue to gain popularity and become an essential part of a sustainable lifestyle.

Jolanta’s story is inspiring and shows that anyone can make a positive impact on the environment through upcycling. Her business, Akimirkų Gaudyklė, is a testament to the power of creativity and innovation in promoting sustainability.

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