Embrace Sustainability and Unbroken Beauty with Nepalūžęs: The Art of Upcycling

In a world where disposable culture reigns supreme, Tomas Vitvickis has chosen a different path. With his brand Nepalūžęs, meaning “unbroken” in Lithuanian, he has dedicated himself to upcycling old and used furniture. For the past two years, Tomas has been transforming discarded pieces into stunning works of art, breathing new life into forgotten treasures.

Tomas’s journey began with a revelation. After years of working in a printing company, producing disposable food packages, he realized the impact of his actions on the environment. Inspired by the people he met during his travels and a wake-up call from his girlfriend, he decided to shift gears and make a positive change. He found his passion in upcycling, fueled by a desire to give old furniture a second chance and reduce waste.

Sourcing materials for his projects is a collaborative process. Clients bring their beloved yet worn-out furniture to Tomas, entrusting him with their cherished pieces. With his craftsmanship and their desires in mind, he skillfully restores and revives each item. It’s a beautiful fusion of stories and artistry, as history merges with creativity to create truly unique and personalized pieces.

Tomas faces challenges in his upcycling work, such as maintaining a steady flow of projects. Seasonality, economic factors, and client demands can affect the pace of his work. However, he adapts and perseveres, driven by his passion and dedication to his craft. He measures the success of his upcycling business not just in financial terms but also by the freedom it brings him and the constant stream of fulfilling projects.

In addition to his remarkable journey, Tomas Vitvickis has undertaken memorable upcycling projects that showcase his exceptional skills and creativity. One such project that he takes great pride in is the restoration of the Stapulioniene arm-chair. Through his expertise, he updated the chair with clear resin timber for the front legs, resulting in a truly spectacular transformation. These memorable projects serve as testaments to Tomas’s ability to breathe new life into furniture and create stunning pieces that captivate the eye.

Beyond his work, Tomas embraces upcycling and sustainable practices in various aspects of his life. He has extended his passion for restoration to his own home, where he has diligently restored all the furniture, eliminating the need to purchase new items. By recycling, reducing his meat consumption, and opting for public transportation for his daily commute, Tomas incorporates sustainable practices into his everyday life. His commitment to living in harmony with the environment extends far beyond his upcycling business, as he seeks to minimize his ecological footprint and make conscious choices that benefit the planet.

With an optimistic outlook, Tomas believes in the bright future of upcycling and sustainable living. In just two years of working in the field, he has already witnessed a growing trend of individuals restoring and repairing furniture in their own homes. This emerging appreciation for preservation and conscious consumption gives him hope that future generations will prioritize the environment and actively engage in restoring and fixing what they already have. As sustainability becomes a focal point in society, Tomas envisions a shift towards a more mindful and eco-friendly approach to living.

Join Tomas Vitvickis and Nepalūžęs on their journey to embrace sustainability and unbroken beauty. Explore his incredible work and ongoing projects by visiting his Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Nepalluzes . You can also discover a selection of upcycled furniture available at https://m.skelbiu.lt/skelbimai/baldu-atnaujinimas-restauravimas-56912613.html . Together, let’s celebrate the art of upcycling, reduce waste, and create a sustainable future filled with unique, cherished, and unbroken pieces of furniture.

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